Sunday, April 12, 2015

A New Way to Share Your Cause - HuTerra Fundraising

I am happy to announce two new enhancements to the HuTerra fundraising platform that just came out this weekend. These enhancements will increase the reach of social sharing for the nonprofits and team supporters that use HuTerra for crowd fundraising.

Social Sharing

We started by first improving the overall social sharing experience for fundraisers and organization within HuTerra. We made the sharing links and buttons more prominent for users and removed the need to be logged into HuTerra in order to share with your friends and other team supporters. Never before has the HuTerra user experience supported so many networks in a simple to use interface powered by ShareThis. The social sharing interface supports not only Facebook and Twitter, but also Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, email, and over 60 other popular services.

Email Invitations for a Cause

We also enhanced the email invitation process to help generate more direct support for a fundraiser. Users can securely invite friends to be involved using their desktop mail client, GMail, Yahoo mail, or mail. The generated email provides a basic template that can be customized by the user before sending to their friends, family, and fellow supporters.

Our team continues to work hard to provide free tools that help nonprofits be more effective and efficient in supporting the causes they are passionate about. Please checkout the new features and leave us feedback below or on HuTerra's website.

Serving Nonprofits,
David Zey
HuTerra | Chief Technology Officer