Monday, September 15, 2014

Keep Your Students Safe with Online Fundraising

Online fundraising offers schools and students alike numerous benefits, with safety at the forefront. At HuTerra, we understand just how important student safety is. Our online fundraising exhibits this in four meaningful ways.
  1. No more door-to-door fundraising
  2. Sharing information via social media
  3. Easier for parents to stay involved
  4. Option to have products delivered individually

Online stores mean that students no longer need to walk up and down their street knocking on neighbors’ doors or entering busy companies asking people to purchase from their fundraiser. This aspect is particularly significant to students who are actively involved with extra-curriculars and don’t have time to fundraise until later in the evening, when it’s often already dark outside.

Eliminating the need for door to door fundraising does not mean that students no longer need to ask for purchases. We provide easy-to-share links and templates for both email and social media platforms. Sharing their fundraiser via social media means students are only asking people they already know, mainly family and friends they and their parents trust.

The times parents feel most uneasy are those when they are not given all of the relevant or essential information. With post templates and easily shareable buttons, parents can see exactly what information their student will be sharing. This also allows the parents to be more actively involved with the opportunity to share the fundraiser on their own pages as well.

An online MarketPlace exhibits safety even through delivery of the products. Some of our stores offer the option to have the products delivered right to the individual purchaser, which eliminates the need for students to drop off the products throughout the neighborhood or city.

To learn more about our online fundraising for schools, or to check out the available stores, visit

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