Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Three Tips for Talking about Social Media with Your Boss

It can be difficult to explain social media to the boss, especially when he or she doesn't use it. But when you've been charged with handling the social media for your nonprofit organization, conversations about it are necessary. Here are three tips to helping your boss understand social media:

1. Run the metrics and present them as pie charts. It's especially important to use Google Analytics to determine how your social media efforts drive traffic and donations to your website. Pie charts are a great way to make the information accessible. Plus, Google Analytics does it for you.

2. Draw the connection between social media and crowdfunding. Run a short crowdfunding campaign and then show your boss how that brought in donations that otherwise wouldn't have come in. Unexpected income = ROI for your social efforts.

Getting your boss online
will give your organization an advocate.
3. Offer to help them get online. The best way to get your boss on board with your social media Facebook account, and show the boss how to use it. Who knows? They might become your biggest online advocate.
efforts is to get them online. Offer to help him or her create a

Have you struggled to get your boss to understand your organization's social media efforts? What have you done to shed light on the confusing world of social media for crowdfunding?

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