Monday, May 12, 2014

Add free credit card processing to get more out of your fundraising event

The HuTerra Team running checkout at Prevea Runway for Life 2014

A good crowdfunding platform offers more than a way to accept online donations. Creating a special fundraiser to collect donations at fundraising events allows you to easily accept credit card payments for auctions, and add additional donations when supporters want to give more.

At the 2014 Prevea Runway for Life, Breast Cancer Family Foundation tapped into the ease of online giving to increase ticket sales, auction purchases, and additional donations. Because supporters weren't forced to rely on cash and checks, they were able to dig a little deeper and make additional donations to support the organization's cause. Because the HuTerra Foundation doesn't charge for our service, Breast Cancer Family Foundation was able to keep more of the money raised by the silent auction - over $14,000!

It's easy to add credit card processing to your fundraising event. Staff needs computers or tablets with internet access- most event venues offer free internet access. If not, a WiFi hotspot can do the trick for very little cost.

Before the event, create a fundraiser specific to the fundraising you'll be doing at the event. You can see an example of what Runway for Life (a 501c3) did here. During the event, assign staff to the checkout. They can enter donors' credit card information into the secure system, and donors will get email receipts. You can then download the donation details from the crowdfunding site, and not worry about keeping up with cash and checks.

Have a special need, or want some help? Contact us and we'll help you get set up. Helping your nonprofit is what we do!

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