Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Want more Facebook activity for your nonprofit? Break the "lonely cycle"

We're having fun without you.

There is some evidence that looking at Facebook actually makes people feel lonely, rather than
connected. Seeing all those photos of people in groups having fun without you, can make a person feel left out and lesser than your friends. That's kind of sad, but nonprofits can take advantage of this information.

Make it a point to craft posts that feel inclusive. Ask people for their thoughts. Remind your followers that you can't do it without them. Try to make it feel as personal as possible.

Responding to comments on your posts also helps people feel included. You can tag people by name when you use the Reply button on Facebook comments. This lets them know that you responded. When you respond, try to ask them further questions to engage them in conversation.

I won't lie- it takes a lot of time to make social media personal. But in a landscape where the technology we use makes us feel disconnected, making it personal can make a big difference in developing great relationships with supporters.

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