Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sometimes Click-Throughs Don't Matter. Here's How.

It turns out that many people share content online without actually clicking the links and reading the stories. If you're creating content that illustrates what your nonprofit organization does, it can be very frustrating to see people sharing posts without actually getting the information you want to impart to them.

But sometimes, it's okay for them to pass it along without reading it. The key is to make the post itself get the message across so that even if they don't click to get the whole story, you've still managed to raise awareness for your cause. Raise awareness, and eventually they'll click to support your cause.

Including numbers that drive home the problem your organization works to remedy is a great way to raise awareness.

Double points if you can express the numbers or the sentiment visually.

How do you create posts that don't need to be clicked to get the point?

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