Monday, April 28, 2014

Replacing Older Donors with Millennials: 3 Data-Driven Tips

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As the older generation of donors ages out of the giving pool, nonprofits struggle to replace them with donors from younger generations. Studies have been done to help organizations learn how best to engage younger generations in giving, with recent emphasis put on the millennial generation. That's a lot of data to parse. Here are a few tips to get you started engaging the millennial generation today:

1. Put resources into social media. Millennials like to share information with a click. They can't do that if you only put information in paper format. In fact, they're likely to throw your mailer in the recycling bin without even opening it. Dedicate people and resources to engaging this generation online, every day.

2. It's not about your organization, it's about the cause. Younger donors give to support a cause, not an organization. Whereas older generations eagerly became lifelong champions of organizations they believe in, millennials don't care so much about the organization as they do the need you are addressing. Focus on the need you address, not how you address it.

3. Use a lot of photos and accompanying messages that explain how donations are helping. People like photos because they provide an easy way to absorb messaging. Adding text that explains how the individual can makes a difference helps them see themselves as part of that picture.

What are some easy ways your nonprofit connects with younger supporters?

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