Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our Online Event Registration Tool is Helping Nonprofits Save Thousands in Fees

They say a penny saved is a penny earned. For Breast Cancer Family Foundation, switching event registration platforms is saving them thousands of dollars in fees. That means thousands more available to support the organization's mission.

Breast Cancer Family Foundation (BCFF) is a small nonprofit located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They provide educational programming to over 5000 high school students, and thousands of adults in the greater Green Bay area each year. Through their mobile app for Android and iPhone, they are able to reach an even broader audience, teaching people how to live cancer-free lives.

BCFF and its supporters hold a lot of fundraisers throughout the year, but the organization's main annual fundraisers are the Titletown Bike Tour and Pink Pumpkin Walk. Both are enormous events with turnouts that really illustrate how much the community supports BCFF's mission. In the past, BCFF has used other online fundraising event registration platforms...but ended up paying a significant amount of the money they brought in in fees to those services. Last year, BCFF paid over $1000 in service fees for the Titletown Bike Tour registration platform, and over $1500 in fees for the registration and donation platform for the Pink Pumpkin Walk.

Altogether, BCFF paid over $2700, taken out of registrations and donations, just for the technology needed to hold the events.    

Let's see how much impact BCFF can make with $2700: The educational programming BCFF provides costs $10 per student. That $2700 in fees could provide health education to help prevent cancer in 270 students, in 10 classrooms, at three schools. That's a lot of impact missed due to technology costs.

It won't happen this year! This year, HuTerra Foundation is providing BCFF with event registration and online donation processing. Because the HuTerra Foundation doesn't charge fees to nonprofit organizations, BCFF estimates that they will save over half the cost of technology fees for their events this year. That will allow them to help nearly 140 more students learn to live healthy, cancer-free lifestyles, just from the Titletown Bike Tour and Pink Pumpkin Walk.

The added excitement is that Breast Cancer Family Foundation is the benefactor of this year's Prevea Runway for Life event. By using HuTerra Foundation's fundraising ticket sales tool, BCFF will save 50% on the fees they otherwise would have paid per transaction. For an event that is anticipated to bring in tens of thousands of dollars to support healthcare education through BCFF, the savings for the Prevea Runway for Life ticket sales are considerable. That's a lot more students who will learn the vital life skills necessary for healthy, cancer-free lifestyles.  


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