Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Five Reasons to Start Using Project-Specific Online Fundraising

Women for Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville (WfHML) is in the process of adding an online giving function to their annual Mother's Day fundraiser. We thought we'd share the top five reasons that adding online giving to a fundraiser that is historically all done via mailer is a great decision, especially for committees that raise funds for projects. WfHML is a small committee, but you can follow them on Facebook to see how they are modernizing the way they fundraise.

Top five reasons to start using online fundraising, even for direct mail fundraisers:

1. It's easier. Use email and social media to support your fundraising efforts. You can still send direct mail to your supporters, but adding an online giving component makes it easier for many to give (especially Gen Xers and Millennials who prefer the ease of giving online).

2. It's less expensive. Online giving access can offset the cost of direct mail. Segment your donor list and only send direct mail to those who you don't have email addresses for, and those you know prefer to give by mail. For all the rest, send email and leverage social media to bring in donations. You'll save on mailers, and won't lose income to fees if you choose the right fundraising platform. That all adds up to less expense and more money in.

3. It's social. Electronic communication via email and social media is easily shared, and people like telling others about the causes they support. Online fundraising provides supporters with an easy method of getting kudos from peers-- and by doing so, they open the doors for more donors to support your mission.

Online fundraising will save your volunteers time!
4. It saves time. Many nonprofit committees are made up entirely of volunteers, who are happy to help but are often also time-strapped. Online fundraisers reduce the amount of labor needed to get the fundraiser up and running. Plus, they allow committee members who can't make it to work sessions to help out by providing email contacts and sharing the fundraiser via social media.

5. It's secure. Online donations are processed using high security protocols to ensure safety of sensitive information. Fewer checks floating around the postal service system keeps donations secure, and lets you know in real time when a donation is made.


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