Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Nonprofits Behind Nonprofits

It takes a village to save the world

When most people think about nonprofits, they think of organizations that build homes, feed the hungry, dig wells and the like. Rarely do we ever consider the collaborative effort that goes into making that impact. Behind most nonprofits are other nonprofits, like Foundations, that make their impact by supporting the field work of others. Without these collaborative efforts, many charitable organizations wouldn't be able to do as much good as possible. 

Much of this behind-the-scenes work isn't "sexy". It doesn't make for great impact stories. Foundation workers are rarely in the field to snap photos of people receiving life-saving aid. Yet, they are critical to our communities. 

Organizations like the HuTerra Foundation provide services and financial support that help other charities do more for those they serve. These services range from free nonprofit technology, to training, to helping other organizations build their online presences. In many ways, they are invisible sponsors, touching the lives of millions by supporting the work of hundreds (or thousands!). Foundation work may not look "sexy" on the outside, but it's far from boring. Organizations like these create enormous impact by empowering others, and in some ways that is a very attractive story. 

Here at the HuTerra Foundation, we're proud to help other nonprofits do more good in the world, by providing free technology solutions, including a free online fundraising platform so Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin can get more food to more emergency pantries, free websites so Habitat for Humanity affiliates can better collaborate and provide more homes for more families, and social media support so animal welfare groups can save more lives. 

You can support HuTerra Foundation by following us on Facebook and Twitter. And hats off to all those who help others do more good in the world! Let's support each other to support more charitable efforts.   

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