Monday, March 24, 2014

Five Tips to Support Your Volunteer Fundraisers

Getting supporters to fundraise for your nonprofit is key to ongoing sustainability. It helps them feel like they are really helping the cause, and it helps your organization reach new supporters. Of course, the additional donation stream doesn't hurt!

In order for your volunteer fundraisers to be successful, they need resources from your organization. Here are a few tips to help you support your peer-to-peer fundraisers.

1. Provide them with digital assets like email templates, and fact sheets about your organization. Most people get writer's block when they try to write a fundraiser email. Have a couple that they can choose from, so all they have to do is personalize, and copy/paste it.

2. Think of them like mini-development directors. Teach them about your organization, so they are ready to answer tough questions like what's the organization's annual overhead. Just like your development director, volunteer fundraisers will have to answer questions, and need to be armed with information that shows how well your organization works to achieve its mission.

3. Touch base with them. Volunteer fundraisers often end up feeling like they are swimming alone in the fundraising ocean. Call them up and see how they're doing. This will give you the chance to support them emotionally and with resources. It will also give you an idea of who might be struggling to achieve their fundraising goals.

4. Follow up. If you want these folks to fundraise for you again, follow up with them a few weeks after the campaign ends. Ask for their input on what they liked and what could be done differently. Do they need more time to achieve their goals? More help with direct asks? More help with social media? Don't wait until their memory is fuzzy on the details to reach out and take advantage of this awesome feedback opportunity.

5. Thank them, and thank them again. Call them to thank them. Thank them publicly on your organization's Facebook page. Send them handwritten notes of gratitude. That's not an either/ or list- do all three to help them really feel appreciated. After all, you can't do it without them!  

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