Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Five Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs a Full Time Social Media Manager

Image From http://talentegg.ca/incubator/2013/04/01/social-media-matter-business/

Organizations of all sizes and types frequently wonder if hiring a full-time staff member to manage social media is worthwhile. For years, ROI of social media efforts has gone unmeasured, with CMOs and Executive Directors warily eyeing anybody who says social media takes a lot of time. Sure, social media can be a small part of your day if you're running a small clothing boutique. But if your organization needs to build a large following- and if you rely on donors, then it does- a full time social media manager can bring real value to the organization. Here are five simple reasons your nonprofit organization needs a social media manager (SMM) on staff.

1. Impact. Social media managers help increase impact by building online relationships with other organizations. More collaboration creates more good in the world.

2. Growth. By harnessing the power of social media to grow your supporter numbers, a good SMM will spread the word about what your organization does. This will grow your supporter base.

3. Crowdfunding. Your SMM can work with development to create online fundraisers that work.

4.  Analytics. A nonprofit social media manager can actually read data and find the ROI behind what she does- and behind many of the organization's other efforts.

5. Time. Too often we hear from other staff that they have been given the social media hat to wear, yet they know nothing about using social media for nonprofits. In order to really build a great online community of supporters, social media management takes time and resources. Hiring somebody who knows how to use that time and what resources provide the best results, frees other staff to do the jobs they were hired- and want- to do.

Share your other reasons that a social media manager is vital to your organization.


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