Thursday, March 27, 2014

10 Must-Have Resources for Nonprofit Social Media +1 Bonus

Sometimes it's difficult to tell your organization's story in 140 characters or less. These resources will help you create engaging content that gets the job done.

Wordle: #ImpactInspired1. Nonprofit Tech for Good offers an unending stream of helpful information to keep you informed on the latest in the quickly changing field of social media.

2. The Wordle tool allows you to create word clouds that tell your organization's story.

3. Worldometers constantly tracks data about the world's population and what we're doing in real time. Need a quick statistic? Worldometers can help.

4. The Case Foundation offers free e-learning materials and videos to help nonprofits use social media effectively.

5. Buffer has a free version that allows you to schedule tweets and provides some data on your Twitter performance. Put this one on the must-have list.

6. TweetDeck is a free service that helps you watch Twitter for relevant content and people, so you can more easily connect with influencers and engage with people who are interested in what your organization does.

7. Use Social Mention to see who's interacting with your organization online, and how they feel about it.

8. TweetReach shows you how far your tweets are going, and how hard they're working for you.

9. Springpad is a web clip organizer that makes it super easy to create notebooks and collect content to share with your followers.

10. Social Media Examiner was founded by one of the greats of social media, and continues to provide accessible, helpful information on a daily basis. If you work in nonprofit social media at all, it's worth following.

11. HuTerra's free crowdfunding tools integrate with all major social media platforms and your own website, so you can provide a donation link wherever your fans meet you online.

What social media resource can you not live without? Please tell us in the comments.


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