Friday, February 28, 2014

Five Key Things to Share with Your Social Media Manager to Get Better Results

Want Better Social Media Results for Your Nonprofit? Take your social media manager out of the silo.

It is your social media manager's job to communicate to the world exactly what your organization does. 

To do this well, your nonprofit organization's social media manager (SMM) needs to know what is going on in nearly every department of the organization. That includes information that isn't ready for the public yet.

That doesn't mean your SMM needs (or wants) to be involved in every decision. Here are five key things your SMM needs to know about as early as possible:

1. If there is going to be a change in the organization's strategy, keep your SMM informed of the situation. This allows time for pre-scheduled posts to be edited so that inaccurate information isn't published.

2. Any special events in any department. Keep your SMM in-the-know about open volunteer opportunities, special projects wrapping up, and even what conferences other employees are attending. Showing what individuals in the organization are doing helps humanize the organization to the outside world. Let your SMM plan ahead to get photos, insight, and networking from every special event possible.

3. All scheduled outreach work. Every time a member of the organization goes into the field is an opportunity for the SMM to generate buzz and content that show what the organization does.

4. Collaboration with other organizations. Any collaboration with other organizations, whether nonprofit or sponsor-type, provides a great opportunity for your SMM to reach out and actively 'socialize' with that organization's social media channels. This type of online 'socialization' broadens your organization's social media reach.

5. Resource changes. Too often, we hear SMMs lamenting that they are expected to create big results with no resources. The thing is, social media managers are very resourceful people and will make it work as best as possible with what they have. But when new resources become available, they need access and quickly! Did Development just get a new selection of images licensed to the entire organization? Did Community Outreach just get a shipment of t-shirts that can be used for giveaways? Send your SMM a message, letting him or her know where to access those resources!

It all adds up to one thing- keep your social media manager in the loop. Trust him or her to know what information makes great content. Let your SMM get creative with ways to present what your nonprofit organization does. Doing so will allow your SMM to provide the public with a more transparent, and accurate, view of who the organization is and what it does. That will lead to more online engagement and long-term support.


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