Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Falling For Philanthropy, A Tale of Two Charitable Superheroes

You may have seen the videos of HuTerra's own Al Zeise preparing for the Mr. Habitat of Greater Green Bay contest. Those videos were effective- not only did Al win People's Choice Mr. Habitat, but the videos helped raise awareness for the importance of creating decent, affordable housing and the work that Habitat for Humanity does.

This week's Charitable Superheroes are Matt and Chris Vanderlinden, brothers who donated the videos through Detonator, their creative firm. Matt and Chris specialize in storytelling-- something that becomes apparent immediately upon meeting them. The introductions are barely through when these two creative minds go into overdrive, learning about the organization and creating engaging, compelling ways to express what makes the organization unique.
"The first thing is listening and learning; understanding the organization and your supporters. Learn what your authentic differentiation is. Generally where we can be really helpful is taking that information and turning it into a strategic approach that makes it all more emotionally engaging. We help you define your story, and craft your story in an emotionally relevant and engaging way."
According to Matt,
"There's real joy in helping nonprofits get people there so they can hear the whole story, and do something valuable, and really engage. That’s how people become lifelong supporters of causes."
 They point out that the storytelling is really as much for the people inside the organization as their supporters,
"Finding that passion ignites everybody -- staff, volunteers, donors -- to work hard to make an impact. When we create something that gets people to reignite around what they do, the whole organization is stronger."

Their love of philanthropy extends beyond the work they do at Detonator. They held a charity event in New Orleans (pre-Katrina) that raised $14,000 for Covenant House, an organization that addresses youth homelessness. Later, they held a similar event in Houston, and raised $43,000 that was split between Covenant House Houston and Covenant House New Orleans. These days, they each support their own causes through their communities.

While Chris and Matt spend their energy helping others find their authenticity, it's obvious that these two are truly authentic themselves. With good humor and great heart, they are on a mission, both personally and professionally, to use their talents to create greater good in the world.

Check out what Detonator can do to reignite passion for nonprofit by visiting DetonatorBrand.com 

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