Thursday, December 5, 2013

What a Year! Special Thanks to Our Habitat for Humanity Partners!

One of our most successful partnerships this year has been with Habitat for Humanity State Support Organizations (SSOs), affiliates, and ReStores. With nearly fifty Habitats now taking advantage of HuTerra's website application for nonprofits, the HuTerra Foundation will save Habitat organizations a total of $150,000 next year, just for our current participants. That's a lot of roofs on homes; a lot more safe neighborhoods, a lot more "goodnights".

We even gained two employees whose Habitat VISTA programs were ending. Thank you, Habitat for Humanity!

We wanted a way to REALLY say "Thank You" to all the members of Habitat for Humanity. So, we created the Holiday Campaign In-a-Box. It's a ready-to-go holiday 'ask' campaign, complete with email templates, social media posts, and a schedule to keep your holiday donor drive on task. It's a gift: free to download, no strings attached. Our Christmas gift to you.

Happy Holidays to our Habitat for Humanity partners. Here's to another year of creating more laughter, more family dinners, more affordable housing!

Click here to download your gift, a complete Holiday Campaign In-a-Box. 

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