Friday, October 4, 2013

This fundraising idea cuts down on sugared-up students while raising money for your school

There seem to be two truths to every Halloween:

  1. Many people over-spend on candy
  2. It's difficult to stay focused on learning the day after a candy binge

Rather than dreading November 1 this year, turn Halloween into an opportunity for your school community to support eating healthy and to support the school! The concept is really simple and this fundraiser is fast and easy to pull off. Here’s how:

The idea is to encourage families to spend half as much on trick-or-treat candy as they usually would, and to donate the savings to the school. This works particularly well if your school has a health program to fundraise for, but can be applied as a fundraiser for any school need. Here are a few ideas:
  • Trick-or-treat for classroom supplies! – For any classroom need
  • Trick-or-treat for books! – For your school library
  • Less (candy) is More (field trips) – To fund field trips

You get the idea. Now you’re just a few simple steps from having a great online fundraiser.

Step 1. Determine what you will fundraise for and come up with a catchy name.

Step 2. Create your free HuTerra account.

Step 3. Find your school Community.

Step 4. If you are a school administrator, Claim your school Community. If you are a volunteer or are not authorized to Claim your school Community, then simply go to your school’s General Fundraiser and click “Create a Supporting Team Fundraiser.”

Step 5. Name your fundraiser. Be sure to include specifics in the fundraiser name, where necessary. For example, “Ms. Tennyson’s Trick-or-treat for classroom supplies!” This helps ensure that people can find your fundraiser and that your donations are correctly earmarked when they arrive at your school.

Step 6. Fill in your fundraiser information with images and information about what you want people to do (donate half of their budgeted candy money) and what the donations will be used for.

Step 7. The key to a successful fundraiser is promotion. Send home flyers with all your students including the link to your online fundraiser. Post it on your classroom’s homepage, school website, Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else you communicate with your school community. Email is particularly effective as it puts the fundraiser link right in their inboxes. Promote your fundraiser multiple times a week. On November 1, thank everybody for participating and tell them how much you raised. Be sure to remind them of what you will do with that money!

That’s it! The first six steps will take around 10 minutes to complete. Promoting your fundraiser should take around 20 minutes each week that it runs. Start soon, before families start buying Halloween candy! And remember, HuTerra is here to help you get started! Contact us anytime using the Contact button at the bottom of and a HuTerrian will help you create your fundraiser, for free!

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