Monday, October 28, 2013

Raffle Tickets to Holiday Flowers: Sell more when you take your charity fundraiser sale online (for free!)

Raffle tickets, holiday flowers, and fruit are still popular ways to fundraise and engage communities in charity organizations. Going door to door, or hanging up sale flyers spreads awareness of your organization and its events. But access is a common problem for this type of fundraiser. It's hard to sell raffle tickets if buyers have to stop by the office to pay for them, and grandma can't order flowers easily if she has to have cash on hand when the doorbell rings.

Taking your nonprofit or club fundraising sale online provides credit card processing (bank processing fees apply) and an easy way to spread the word about the fundraiser through social media and email channels. For clubs, it reduces the pressure on members to collect and manage money. And, the online sales system allows coaches, nonprofit admins, and club leaders to set sales goals for the sale as a whole and for participants. The donor list tells you who ordered how many, so order fulfillment is a snap. Plus, it's fast and easy to setup, so fundraisers can start taking orders immediately without even logging in.

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