Monday, October 21, 2013

Keep It Personal-- A word about this guy

So much of running a nonprofit is about relationships, and you can't build relationships without keeping it a little personal. 

The HuTerra Foundation was started by Al Zeise, a businessman who wanted a way to do more good in the world beyond donating money. He figured out that he can use his technical knowledge and business skills to help nonprofits do more by cutting technology costs, raising more funds, and reaching more supporters. As one HuTerrian put it,
"We don't build houses. We help Habitat for Humanity build more houses. We help them reduce the crime rate in more low-income areas. We help them shelter more families. Our impact isn't just what we do for the organization; it's the lives of the additional people they are able to help because we helped them." 
Al believes that everybody has it in his or her heart to help others, and that, by making giving fun, more people will open their hearts. That's why he agreed to run for Mr. Habitat 2013 and, if he should win, to accept his award while wearing high heels, just for fun. 

Join Al in proving that giving can be fun by supporting Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity and voting for Al to be crowned Mr. Habitat 2013! Donations go to Greater Green Habitat for Humanity and are tax deductible.  

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