Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Charitable Superhero of the Week: Jody Vanwassenhoven and Green Bay West High School

This Charitable Superhero wants students to learn the importance of giving.

For eight years running, students at Green Bay West High School have learned about the importance of

cancer prevention from the Breast Cancer Family Foundation (BCFF). Last year, the students and faculty decided to find a unique way to thank BCFF and show support for a faculty member who was battling cancer, and the annual fundraiser/ head shaving event began.

It’s a competition. Two students are selected from each grade. Participants collect donations from friends, family, and anybody who will put a few dollars in their donation jars. A few faculty members also participate, and the competition culminates in a group head-shaving. For those outside Wisconsin, shaving your head is a pretty brave thing to do at the beginning of winter, and most everybody will agree that shaving your head when you are in or teach high school is a brave act in itself.

Jody Vanwassenhoven teaches at Green Bay West, and heads up the annual BCFF event. She’s proud of her students
“West high school has 70% of students on free/reduced lunch, but the kids who don’t have a lot to give, always give much whenever we hold a fundraiser for any cause. Our kids and staff are just so generous.”

It’s true. Students annually participate in fundraisers for many organizations, including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, an art supply drive for child oncology patients at a local hospital, the student council volunteers at an annual telethon for cerebral palsy; there is an annual clothing drive, and a Christmas Giving Tree.   

Jody wasn’t alone in the event- there are several other Charitable Superheroes who donated, raised money, and shaved their heads. All in all, it seems that this week’s Charitable Superhero isn’t one person… it’s an entire school of students, staff, and faculty who make giving party of their daily lives. 

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