Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Charitable Superhero of the Week: Brian Coxon

A lifetime of friendship led this Charitable Superhero to become a Champion

Brian Coxon is no stranger to the importance of friendship for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). As a child, Brian had a good friend who was diagnosed with autism. In fact, he still does. The two are lifelong pals, but Brian was surprised to learn of a resource that could have provided more support for his friend at a young age.

“As important as he is to me, I’d never heard of Best Buddies before I was approached to become a Champion. I found out that my friend’s family hadn’t heard of Best Buddies before, either. This isn’t a particularly young organization. The point that drives home is just how important it is to spread awareness for what Best Buddies Kentucky is doing, what an asset it is to our community.”

In addition to raising funds and awareness, Brian wants people to understand that becoming a Buddy positively affects both members of the match.

“Friendship is so important for everybody. Best Buddies matches aren’t just about being nice right now. It’s about making a friend for life.”

Brian has a special event planned to raise awareness and funding for the Best Buddies Kentucky program. He’s teamed up with Louisville local favorite, Gerstle’s, for a day of great food, great drinks, great music, and cornhole-tournament fun. Join Brian and Best Buddies starting at 3p.m. on Saturday October 19 to support a great cause!

Brian is seeking donations of food, paper plates, plastic forks, etc. for the event. Contact if you can help with the event. 

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