Monday, September 23, 2013

Five Steps to achieving your three biggest goals

HuTerra's Charitable Superhero of the Week program celebrates volunteers and helps nonprofits engage more supporters. 

As a nonprofit administrator, you know the importance of celebrating volunteers. From manning events to helping children learn to read, volunteers are the workforce that makes so many things possible. We all know that a disgruntled volunteer can be a real problem, especially when they cause the organization to lose support. Volunteers are in it for the cause, and because their hearts are in the work, a little gratitude can go a long way. A little gratitude helps make volunteers part of the organization, and offers them ownership in a way that opens donor wallets and the hearts of others. Ideas abound on how best to thank volunteers, but many take time and money that nonprofit workers don't always have an abundance of. 

HuTerra's Charitable Superhero of the Week (CSW) program is the easiest, fastest way to celebrate your volunteers and help your mission message go viral. It doesn't cost anything, and actually works as a fundraiser for your organization. When you honor a volunteer, that person's friends and family are more likely to support your work. 

Here's how to nominate your volunteers to be honored as Charitable Superheroes (no limit on how many):
1. Go to, find your nonprofit organization, and claim your Community (you must be a nonprofit admin or be a permitted representative of the organization). 
2. Create a Fundraiser for your nonprofit organization. 
3. Put us in contact with your nominee. We recommend letting your nominees know in advance to expect our email or phone call. 
4. Follow HuTerra on Facebook and Twitter
5. Share the article link when we alert you that your volunteer is the Charitable Superhero of the Week! 

That's it! In just 10 minutes, you'll increase support for the organization and generate revenue, all while getting your message to more people and reminding your volunteers how needed they truly are. 


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