Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Charitable Superhero of the Week: Taylor Brown

This week’s Charitable Superhero is hooked on philanthropy and friendship

Little did Taylor Brown realize that it would change her life when a coworker signed up to become a Champion for Best Buddies. But, when something came up that made it difficult for her coworker to complete the 2013 Champion program, Taylor decided to take her place.
Champion for Best Buddies Kentucky
“It was the first I’d heard of Best Buddies, but once I learned about what they do, I felt compelled to raise awareness for the organization’s work. It’s something easy for people to be part of, and being a Buddy isn’t a huge commitment-- it’s just making friends and being a friend to somebody.”

Taylor says that she’s most exciting about raising awareness for the organization. She recently learned that there is a Best Buddies chapter at her alma mater, the University of Kentucky, that most students aren't aware of.
“This is the first philanthropic activity I've ever done. I’m really excited! When I’m explaining it to people, it’s such an easy concept and I wish I’d known about it in high school and college. People need to know about it so they can contribute.”

Taylor has a strategy for winning the Champion of the Year award. We don’t want to give it away to her competitors, but it involves spreading awareness to her sizable family and social network. She plans to stay involved with Best Buddies after the competition, regardless of who is crowned ultimate Champion.  
“Simply being a friend to somebody is the easiest, yet most selfless thing a person can do.” 

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