Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Charitable Superhero of the Week: London Ann Arbuckle

This Charitable Superhero has a soft spot for philanthropy

As an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay, London Ann Arbuckle spends a lot of time empowering others. Philanthropy is important to her, and London Ann regularly finds ways to combine a passion for charity work with her passion for Mary Kay. When tornadoes destroyed most of Henryville, Indiana including the schools in 2012, London Ann’s Mary Kay unit took up donations for the Henryville prom, and were able to donate prom dresses, shoes, and makeup looks for the girls at the school, helping them to enjoy a little bit of normalcy in the wake of disaster. In speaking about the Henryville prom project, she says
“It was just amazing to see how many people reached out to help during that disaster. It was amazing to see people respond to that. I remember one of my consultants got a postcard in the mail and it was this beautiful thank-you postcard from the students we helped. You can make something beautiful even out of a tragedy, if you work hard and try.

Another project that we did that was really cool was Pampering with a Purpose. We took up donations to put together overnight bags for the women who have sick children at Kosair Children’s Hospital. So we put together little overnight bags with things like body wash and face wash so they could keep it in their car and always have them, because in a situation like that, you never know when you’ll be able to get away for a little while to take a quick shower. We were also able to do an auction and raise money for Kosair along with that project.”

Similarly, they raised money for storm victims in Moore, Oklahoma through a special “Mascara for Moore” sale earlier this year. Now, London Ann is using her professional and social networks to generate support for Best Buddies Kentucky. She learned about the Best Buddies Champion program from a fellow member of Business Networking International, and felt immediately drawn to it:
“I felt very called to BBKY. I was doing a personal bible study and one of the questions it asked was “when is my heart ignited?” It said when your heart is ignited, that’s an area where God can use you, and I wrote my heart is ignited when I’m around people with special needs. I just have a soft spot in my heart… that everyone should have friends and feel important. Whether it’s an elderly person, or someone with special needs, everyone should have friends and be loved. The BBKY Champions program speaks to that soft spot, and allows me to share my compassion and passion for helping all people feel loved and important.”

London Ann says that raising awareness is the most important aspect of being a Best Buddies Champion:
“Raising awareness of other people and getting them involved in some way, to have an impact on how people see people around them. I feel like I’m called to do this, it’s a life changing experience to get to have such a positive impact, and I’m excited to see what God has in store for me through this experience. This is something I care about deeply: it’s so important to have a positive impact on people’s lives.”

You can learn more about Best Buddies Kentucky by joining them on Facebook and Twitter.  

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