Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Charitable Superhero of the Week: Amanda Betts

This Charitable Superhero is setting a great example

Best Buddies of Kentucky (BBKY) facilitates friendships. The mission of Best Buddies is to help individuals form lifelong bonds that break down barriers and create opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Every year, BBKY holds a fundraising and awareness program, where local philanthropists and business people sign up to become Champions. Those chosen spend several weeks raising money and awareness for the organization. Highlights of the program include special events that connect the Champions to their cause. The entire program culminates in one candidate being crowned Champion of the Year.

The Charitable Superhero of the Week is BBKY Champion, Amanda Betts. The Champions program is Amanda’s first experience with the organization. She says that she’s drawn to help spread awareness of BBKY and IDD because
“Unfortunately we’ve all seen instances in school where kids with disabilities are outcast or made of fun, and I think it’s important to support them. Spreading awareness and supporting Best Buddies is a great way to support people with disabilities and create an environment where they aren’t outcast or made fun of.”

Becoming a Champion isn’t Amanda’s only Charitable Superhero endeavor. She’s also very involved with breast cancer awareness and participates in a lot of awareness walks for organizations like the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Walk, and the National MS Society’s annual walk. She usually takes her four year old son along in his stroller. Amanda hopes that participating with her in charitable events will help her son become aware of important causes and encourage him to be engaged in volunteerism when he grows up.

“I like sharing it with him because volunteerism is something I’m drawn to and would do more of if I had the time.”

Amanda’s son isn’t the only child she shares her love of volunteering with. She’s also a regular volunteer with Junior Achievement, an organization that teaches children about financial and business intelligence.
As for volunteering with BBKY, Amanda says she’s most looking forward to getting to know the people the organization serves, and being able to support them through the program and in the community.  

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