Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Charitable Superhero of the Week: Jean Kurth of the Bay Area Humane Society

This volunteer doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty 

Anybody who has ever worked or volunteered in an animal shelter knows just how nasty the laundry can be, and how quickly it piles up. This week’s Charitable Superhero tackles one of the grossest shelter tasks, and amazingly shows up to do it every single week—and has for years.

Jean Kurth’s weekly laundry tackling is a fundamental part of the Bay Area Humane Society’s work. Tanya Zwick, CVT Program Manager at the Bay Area Humane Society explains just how much the shelter relies on Jean:

“This dedicated, hardworking lady has been coming to the shelter every week for longer than we've had a computer to track volunteers. She washes, dries, and folds the mountains of laundry that the shelter animals create. BAHS is very lucky to have a wonderful volunteer like Jean.”

The Bay Area Humane Society provides many services beyond helping animals find forever homes and people find the joy of adding furry friends to their families. The organization also provides access to low-cost services like vaccine clinics, and reuniting pets with their lost families. The broad range of services offered makes the Bay Area Humane Society as much of a cornerstone of the local community as Jean is to the organization.


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