Friday, June 21, 2013

Charitable Superhero of the Week: Ms. Elissa Brunette

This Cats Anonymous volunteer is the cat’s pajamas of animal rescue

When Elissa Brunette met Jack the kitten, she had her work cut out for her. Jack was born without a
diaphragm, though it would take Elissa and the vets a year to reach that diagnoses. Saving Jack became a family cause, and Elissa’s son did fundraising to pay for a life-saving surgery when Jack was a year old. Jack’s struggle to survive was an inspiration to the whole family, and that tiny, sickly foster kitten became a permanent member of the family.

Elissa has always been passionate about animal welfare, but the addition of Jack to her life turned that passion into a way of life. Now, Elissa volunteers with Cats Anonymous, an animal-welfare organization that Trap-Neuter-Returns feral cats in order to humanely reduce the size of feral cat colonies in Wisconsin. Lisa Kay Peters, Cats Anonymous Director, relies on Elissa to help with a particular need,
“Elissa certainly gets "superhero" rank in my book. Not only was she one of the very first volunteers with Cats Anonymous, but she's long been a "go-to" gal for fostering orphaned kittens. Her specialty is "bottle babies" -- those kittens who were orphaned before being weaned and need to be bottle-fed on the hour. It's hard to find volunteers like Elissa who will commit that kind of time and energy (and sheer loss of sleep). I can't even guess at how many lives she has saved in her years of animal welfare work!”

Elissa recently helped save many lives by canvassing neighborhoods to find pets lost in a large apartment fire. The effort has taken weeks and is ongoing. Victims of the Allouez apartment fire lost pets, without knowing for sure if they were lost or died in the fire. Elissa’s close connection to Jack means she understands what these pet owners are going through. She’s worked tirelessly to find lost pets and return them to their families – a true gift for heartbroken pet lovers.

Elissa’s efforts are proof that you can make a difference in the (nine) lives of others. To support Elissa’s efforts, visit Cats Anonymous on HuTerra

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