Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Sweeter Way to Give: Cookie Auctions to Benefit Feed the Children and Victims of the Oklahoma Tornadoes

These Cookie Artists Give All New Meaning to Charitable Superhero

*Update: Donations should be made to Feed the Children -- The Cookie Auction Fundraiser, as HuTerra is able to provide lower bank processing fees so more of your donation will go directly to Feed the Children. HuTerra never receives a cut of donations.

When Shannon Heupel of Artfully Delicious Cookies heard about the tornadoes in Oklahoma, her heart ached for the victims. There was so much damage, so many lives lost, so many children displaced. But what could one cookie artist do to make a big difference in the lives of the victims?

"Over the past few weeks I have watched news reports flood in involving the destruction and devastation in Oklahoma as tornadoes have ripped through. The tornado destroyed homes and families, taking the lives of men, women, and children. As my heart broke at the thought of losing a loved one, not having a home to go to, being trapped in constant turmoil, I knew I had to find a way to help."

Shannon started talking to other cookie artists about the problem. Sending cookies to Oklahoma didn't seem like the answer. The Community of cookie artists wanted to help, but they had to devise a way to turn cookies into donation dough in a timely manner.  

"As I told a group of fellow cookie artists that I wanted to help, they showed their complete support and desire to join me in finding a way to lighten the load of those in Oklahoma. However, we had no idea where to begin in our quest to support Oklahoma, or even how to support. As we were contemplating ideas I heard a commercial on the radio for the charity organization Feed The Children. After listening to their mission I realized how we could help. The cookie artists and I would hold auctions of our cookies with all proceeds going to Feed The Children’s Moore, OK Relief Fund."

Shannon took her idea back to the cookie artist Community and was overwhelmed by the number of people willing to participate. She set about creating a strategy to get the project moving quickly.

"An overwhelming amount of support flooded in as cookie artists volunteered to auction off their cookies without any hesitations. Once we established all those who wanted to help, I set the starting amount to bid and the order that the auctions would be held in. After confirming the plan with Feed The Children’s donation system, we were set to go and on June 1st at 7 am the first auction began." 

Using what they had available, the cookie auctions are held via the artists' Facebook pages. Donations can be made to Feed the Children through The Cookie Auction Fundraiser. The cookie artists have been overwhelmed by the response. The auctions are set to run June 1 - June 6 and by June 5, they had already raised over $6000 of their $10,000 goal. 

Today is the final day to experience just how sweet giving can be! Here's the lineup. Get giving, and good luck!

7-11 am. (Central) -- Lorraine's Cookies
11-3 pm (Central) -- Twins Plus One Goodies to be hosted by Shannon's Artfully Delicious Cookies
3-7 pm (Central) -- Artfully Delicious Cookies will be on the auction block
7-11 pm (Central) -- Sugar Cravings

Remember, your bid is a donation to Feed the Children, so even if you don't win the cookie auctions, your day will still be sweet knowing you made a difference in the lives of Oklahoma tornado victims. 

Charitable Superhero of the Week, Shannon Heupel, cookie artist and Charitable Superhero extraordinaire! 

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